Secure Third-Party Remote Access

Identity Management, Multi-factor Authentication, Single Sign On

Secure OT’s Remote Support Solution

Secure OT’s secure remote support solution complies with strict remote access standards of heavily regulated industries such as financial and medical institutions.

Unlike many remote access tools, Secure OT’s solution boasts a best-in-class high-definition audit and session recording features that meet even the most complex industry compliance requirements.

Identify, Transparency and Accountability

Individual user access with strict access control mechanisms

Clearly define responsibility with:

  • Individual account level audit, users have unique activity fingerprints.
  • Authorization, real-time monitoring, and control of all remote access for remote maintenance and diagnostic activity.

Audit & Reporting

Secure OT’s solution incororates audit and session recording features

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Receive notification when vendor reps connect to you network and maintain full awareness of who is accessing your network and when.

Video session recording for comprehensive activity and forensics auditing capability.

On-demand reports to analyse all behaviour and efficiently investigate abnormal activity with:

  • Detailed log files

  • Services accessed

  • Files transferred

  • Commands entered

  • Time stamps; start/end time of remote access sessions

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