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About us

At Secure OT we are like-minded people who are passionate about keeping our clients industrial, operational and ICT technology environment safe from unwanted cyber security attacks. We make it our goal to understand our client’s end-to-end operations with a view to provide oversight and strategy to help reduce the overall cyber attack risk profile of their Operational Technology (OT) and Business Systems.

Our methodology and approach are unique as we undertake a holistic “Defense In-depth” approach to securing technology, which allows us to work with our clients to identify possible gaps in policy, process, systems and tools, which could be exploited.

Our team are well versed in security and operational environments and our capability extends beyond technical, as we also provide business analysis and security risk auditing for industry compliance, in which we provide clients with actionable strategy and a methodology based support model.

Secure OT helps organisations to address the overall cyber risk of their OT environments. We provide system security services by addressing operational risk and aligning organisations with regulatory compliances and internationally recognised industry standards such as ISA99 and IEC-62443 (standards for industrial automation cyber-security).

Secure OT utilises cutting edge analysis technology that provides real-time monitoring and visibility, intrusion and malware detection and prevention, vulnerability/risk assessment/reporting and process analysis.

By using such tools we can perform impact analysis and vulnerability assessment services that measure the overall cyber security risk to production operational environments and determine the end-to-end security and architectural needs of our clients.

What do we do

Secure OT assists organisations address the overall cyber risk of their Operational and Industrial Control System environments.

Servicing Clients Worldwide

Let SecureOT service your organisation’s Operational and Industrial Control System Environments.

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